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Beverage Elements Kegerators

The beverage elements keg kit with 5 gallon ball lock keg 5 lb aluminum co2 cylinder regulator and all accessories is perfect for your kegerator. This product is designed to help keep your ball lock keg cold for longer periods of time. It comes with 5 lb. Aluminum co2 cylinder, regulator, and five 1"hg aluminum t-bar kettles.

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The beverage elements kegerators are perfect for brewers or hydroponic systems! They are made of 10-lb co2 tanks and have a cga320 valve to keep things simple. The kegerator also features a
this is a beverage element kegerator how to fit for a new or empty kegerator. The beverage elements kegerator will help you drink your product more easily and quickly. The kegerator has a cga320 valve and a new empty with cylinder capacity. It also has a aluminum k-cylinder new empty with cylinder capacity valve and a carry handle.
the beverage elements kegerators come with a 5lb co2 tank! This new aluminumcowlel with cga320 valve is a great option for those who want to upgrade their kegerator.